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Publish Her is a female-founded independent publisher dedicated to educating authors and elevating the words, writing and stories of women. We are passionate about amplifying the voices of women of color, women with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and we aim to make publishing an attainable, exciting and collaborative process for all.

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    A book can take years to write and completing a manuscript can be an emotional journey. Most authors spend the majority of their writing time in solitude. We want your publishing experience to be the opposite—to take weeks or months rather than years to publish; to be an exciting and collaborative process rather than a solo experience; and most of all, to be a celebration of all you’ve accomplished.

    Collaborative Publishing

    Publish Her has been recognized multiple times by Publishers Weekly magazine as a grade A publisher for cover design, book design and typography, editing, and marketing.

    Guided Self-Publishing

    Get expert guidance to self-publish your book, from ensuring it’s ready to publish and marketable to navigating ever-changing publishing platforms to publishing and promoting your finished product.

    These Words Mean the World to Us …

    “I always hoped that I’d find a publisher who understood my story and was also an advocate for women’s voices. From our very first call, I knew [my book] had found its home.”
    —Angie Mizzell, author of “Girl in the Spotlight”

    “Thank you for helping me turn my manuscript into an actual book, opening my eyes to the publishing process, caring about the quality of the books you publish, and helping to make the process as smooth as possible.”
    —Marnie Marmet, author of “My Song, Unleashed”

    “The best—no bullshit!—publisher a girl could ask for! A gazillion thanks!”
    —Amanda Rush, author of “The Gathering Girl”

    “The experience and knowledge you have shared has been extraordinary. Thank you for creating a unique publishing company that gives authors a voice in the process.”
    —Emily Maxson, author of “Emily’s Fresh Kitchen: Cooking Your Way to Better Health”

    “The world’s best publisher … [I] couldn’t have done it without you!”
    —Jill Kaufenberg, author of “The Mitten Thief”

    “Searching for publishers, I couldn’t be happier than to have landed with Publish Her. … The team embraced this book, and their dedication and input cradled me with support and kindness.”
    —Cindy Kaplan, author of “Freefall: One Mother’s Journey to Raising a Child With Special Needs”

    “With all the publishers available, I am so glad we found each other. You believed in me, made my work better, and helped me bring it to the world.”
    —Kellie O’Callaghan, author of “UConfidence: Toolbox for Young Adult Success”