‘Better Together’ Essays Have Been Selected! Book Sales Benefit Publishing Grants for Women Authors

Publish Her, a female-founded independent publisher dedicated to elevating the words, stories and writing of women, announces “Publish Her Anthology: Better Together,” a collection of essays on women gathering. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit publishing grants for underrepresented women authors.

The majority of authors published traditionally are white men ages 40 and older; these men are also at the top of the publishing pay scale. Meanwhile, the odds are stacked against women authors. Even more so if she is a woman of color, a woman with a disability, a member of the LGBTQ+ community or any combination of these.

Publish Her is on a mission to disrupt that status quo and demonstrates its commitment to equity, in part, by providing access to publishing services and programs through grants. Learn more.

About the Book

Women have gathered for thousands of years. Frequently in circles, often around a fire, women have come together to tell stories, teach, worship, celebrate and mourn. We have gathered to collect and trade food and materials. This gathering has been critical to our survival and has ensured knowledge about various traditions, cultures, lands and people has been passed on from one generation to the next.

Throughout history, women have been persecuted for gathering. Despite this oppression, we have continued to find ways to harness the power of coming together. We gather to exchange thoughts on politics, religion, art, literature, music and relationships. We campaign and march and collectively tackle issues large and small. We share wisdom, inspiration and encouragement. We are better together.

About the Authors

Hundreds of essays on women gathering were submitted to Publish Her! Twenty-five have been selected and will be announced throughout the coming month. Follow @publishherpress on Instagram and Facebook to learn about the authors.

“The First Wednesday Morning” by Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy primarily writes creative nonfiction and memoir, but has recently found joy in recycling life experiences and trauma into collages of fiction. According to Amanda, she has excelled in avoiding writing her personal stories for years by reading everything she could on writing, starting two writing groups, facilitating writing retreats, and even writing a writing group manual.

“Circles” by Kris Woll

Kris Woll is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based writer and educator, and describes herself as a mystic at heart. Her essays and stories on home, history, family and food have appeared in local and national publications. She has also shared her work live and on stage in four Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities shows. In 2019, she was awarded The Loft Literary Center’s Excellence in Teaching Fellowship and a writing residency at the Madeleine Island School for the Arts.

“Happiest Babies on the Block” by Lindsey Rose

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lindsey is a mom of two teen boys, a writer, and a longtime public relations professional. After recovering from colon cancer in 2012, a desire to do more things in life that fill her cup led her to launch her own communications consultancy, where she supports a variety of food and retail brands. She is a passionate autism advocate, dog lover, yoga enthusiast, and chocolate chip cookie aficionado who loves to travel, bake, and hover over her husband while he cooks delicious food for their family.

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