Full-Service Publishing

Full-Service Publishing for Women Authors

Publish Her is an independent publishing company created by and for women authors. A book can take years to write and completing a manuscript can be an emotional journey. Most authors spend the majority of their writing time in solitude. We want your publishing experience to be the opposite—to take weeks or months rather than years to publish; to be an exciting and collaborative process rather than a solo experience; and most of all, to be a celebration of all you’ve accomplished. Having a publisher behind you who’s been there and done that gives you a distinct advantage.

In addition to publishing print (hardcover and softcover) books and e-books, Publish Her produces print and electronic workbooks, magazines, journals and more.

Our Team

Publish Her’s team of publishing pros is focused first and foremost on the author. Our publishing managers help you understand the publishing process and are by your side to guide you through it. Our editors have worked in legal, academic, book and magazine publishing and are passionate about helping authors bring their best work to the world. Our creative team includes designers and illustrators who are masters at making beautiful books, workbooks and magazines that bring your vision to life. Our marketing experts help build a solid foundation for getting your book noticed and in the hands of the right audience.

Our Promise

You retain the rights to your book. We believe authors should maintain full ownership of their work always, which means we don’t request legal rights.

You receive 100 percent of your book royalties. We believe authors, not publishers, should profit most from book sales, which means we don’t retain a portion of your revenue.

You are not required to purchase book inventory. We work exclusively with on-demand printers, which means there’s no markup on the cost of book printing, no need for the author to purchase or warehouse book inventory, and no wasted resources.

Your publishing timeline is clear. We have developed a successful and sustainable publishing process, which means you get a well-defined timeline and know what to expect.

Your publishing costs are clear. We provide authors with a publishing proposal that includes one clear price from the get-go—no expensive add-ons or hidden costs.

Our Process

Our process combines aspects of self-publishing and traditional publishing—a model often called hybrid publishing. We do not consider Publish Her a hybrid because, unlike most, we do not request rights to your book, retain a portion of your royalties or require you to purchase inventory. Another important distinction is that Publish Her thoughtfully selects each book it publishes. Our editing process is rigorous, and we take great care and pride in the final product. Publish Her has been recognized by Publishers Weekly magazine as a grade A publisher for cover design, book design and typography, editing, and marketing.

To be considered for publishing, please submit at least three chapters (up to 100 pages) of your manuscript for editorial review. Our team of publishing pros will assess your manuscript’s readiness and whether we’re a good fit.