Guided Self-Publishing Workshops and Coaching Provide Expert Support for Women Authors

Have you decided to self-publish your book? Do you need support throughout the process? Publish Her’s Guided Self-Publishing virtual workshops and coaching provide valuable insights for self-publishing your book, from ensuring it’s ready to publish and marketable to navigating ever-changing publishing platforms to publishing and promoting your finished product. Virtual sessions are led by publishing expert Chris Olsen.

In the first session, aspiring self-published authors like you learn about the publishing industry, evaluate publishing goals, and get guidance and resources for setting up your book for success, including essential information on editing, design and marketing.

In the second session, you learn what various self-publishing platforms offer, see how the platforms function, and watch the self-publishing process in action for both print and e-books. You must complete Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Part One before attending Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Part Two.

For authors who want more support self-publishing your book from start to finish, Guided Self-Publishing Coaching provides four additional Zoom sessions, plus unlimited email access to a publishing expert for four weeks. You must complete Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Parts One and Two before you begin Guided Self-Publishing Coaching.

Publish Her is committed to equity in publishing and offers grants for Guided Self-Publishing Workshops. Registration for Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Parts One and Two Bundle is DISCOUNTED $50 for women of color, women with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. If you identify as one or more of these, complete the registration and enter the code GSP at checkout.

Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Part One
Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Part Two
Guided Self-Publishing Workshop Bundle
Guided Self-Publishing Coaching

About Publish Her

Publish Her is a female-founded publisher dedicated to elevating the words, writing and stories of women. We are passionate about amplifying the voices of women of color, women with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to make publishing an attainable, exciting and collaborative process for all. Publish Her specializes in print-on-demand books, workbooks, journals, magazines and more.

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