‘Gary and Gibby’s Swirling, Twirling, Whirling Worries’ by Tina Rafowitz (Softcover)




“Gary and Gibby’s Swirling, Twirling, Whirling Worries” is a heartwarming book that explores what to do when all you can think about are the things that make you worry. Early readers learn about managing anxiety and regulating emotions.

Gary is a kind, smart, imaginative kindergartener. He often feels worried about school and new experiences. His parents surprise him with a fluffy dog he calls Gibby, who is afraid of loud noises and being left alone. Determined to help, Gary focuses on soothing Gibby’s fears with reassuring walks, words and cuddles. As he cares for Gibby, Gary’s own worries begin to disappear, and he finds his inner strength and bravery.

“Gary and Gibby’s Swirling, Twirling, Whirling Worries” is an engaging story with longer sentences and language play for developing readers. It is ideal for children in grades K-2 and offers lessons about emotional resilience and coping strategies. It is perfect for bedtime reading and is a helpful tool for both parents and teachers for facilitating conversations about children’s mental and emotional health, building self-confidence, and managing feelings.

About the Author

Minnesota-based author Tina Rafowitz is a retired accountant and recruiter with a passion for family, travel and entertaining. After raising two kids and a shih-poo with separation anxiety, Tina found herself with an empty nest and a mind brimming with ideas. She honed her narrative voice through creative nonfiction, and developed a distinct writing flair that is unapologetically Tina.

Tina writes about everything from her neurotic dog, Gibby, to her travel adventures. Her work has been published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Tales of Canine Companionship” and in Wanderlust Journal. She also published a cookbook called “Tina’s Table.” “Gary and Gibby’s Swirling, Twirling, Whirling Worries” is Tina’s first children’s book.