‘My Song, Unleashed’ by Marnie Dachis Marmet (Softcover)



As a child, Marnie’s unique voice earned her the nickname “The Rasp” from her dad. When other adults told her she’d never be a singer or that she talked too much, not only did Marnie start silencing herself, but she also began questioning her internal voice. She knew when she shared her truth—the way she’d done during a schoolwide presentation as a teen—it was life-changing. But more often, like many young women trying to make their way in the world, she muted and molded herself to accommodate others. It wasn’t until she traveled abroad and created a life far from home that she started finding her way back to her inner voice. And as she continued to explore the globe and connect with nature and with others, she discovered her inner voice was amplified.

In her memoir, “My Song, Unleashed,” Marnie Dachis Marmet takes readers through her journey of personal transformation. From the painful experiences that make her question everything to the beautiful revelations that bare the truth, Marnie ultimately shares what every woman needs to know: When you pay attention to and trust your voice, it leads you to what you truly want and value and, ultimately, what makes your heart sing.


“‘My Song, Unleashed’ is a delightful memoir about love, loss, compassion and finding one’s own path in life. Born into a large, well-known Minneapolis family, Marnie’s place in the world seemed almost preordained. Yet, it’s only when Marnie’s journeys take her away from her family and out in the world that she begins to find her voice and learn to trust her innate wisdom. Reading ‘My Song, Unleashed’ is like chatting with a close friend. Not only will you be rooting for Marnie through the pages of this memoir, her wisdom will help you lean into your own. A lovely read!” —Kate Hopper, author of “Ready for Air” and “Use Your Words”

“In her strong, gracious memoir, ‘My Song, Unleashed,’ Marnie deftly explores the enormous challenges she faced on her lifelong journey to wellness in mind, body and spirit. Every page is moving, poignant, and at times humorous and uplifting, too. Wise and motivating, ‘My Song, Unleashed’ is a memoir about the journey toward wholeness.” —Joelle Fraser, author of “The Territory of Men” and “The Forest House”

“Candid and compelling, Marnie’s quest to discover her purpose is relatable to anyone on a journey. It’s a great reminder that everyone has a story, and if you take the time to explore openly and honestly, you’ll unlock deeper meaning and find your true voice.” —Allison Kaplan, editor-in-chief, Twin Cities Business Magazine

“Not only is this a compelling memoir, Marnie opened up a vein and truly shared her story. Her ‘song’ is a lesson in vulnerability, and a masterclass in owning your truth.” —Jordana Green, radio host, WCCO AM

“What a pleasure to read ‘My Song, Unleashed.’ Marnie shares the highs and lows of her journey, examining how she has stumbled, coped and triumphed through formative moments of her life, with such warmth and raw honesty. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying and cheering her on the whole way through.” —Beth Lipton, author of “Carnivore-ish”