Ready to Publish Your Book? Key Questions to Ask a Potential Publisher

Publish Her was created by women authors for women authors. We believe having a publisher behind you who’s been there and done that gives you a distinct advantage. There are several other advantages that are important to note as you explore your publishing options. If you’re searching for a publisher, be sure to ask these key questions and consider the following:

Will you receive support throughout the publishing process?

A book can take years to write, and completing a manuscript can be an emotional journey. Most authors spend the majority of their writing time in solitude. Publish Her makes the publishing experience the opposite. It is an exciting and collaborative process rather than a solo experience. It’s a celebration of all you’ve accomplished. Publish Her’s team of book editors, designers, illustrators and marketing experts is focused first and foremost on the author. And every author is paired with a publishing manager who supports you throughout the process.

Will you retain the rights to your book?

Many publishers ask for rights to your book for the duration of your contract. Publish Her believes authors should maintain 100 percent ownership of their work always, which means we don’t request legal rights.

Will they take a cut of your book royalties?

The majority of publishers take a cut of author book sales. Publish Her believes authors, not publishers, should profit most from book sales, which means we don’t retain a portion of your revenue.

Are you required to purchase book inventory?

Many publishers require authors to purchase inventory to fulfill bookseller orders, and they mark up the printing cost for that inventory. They also charge a fee for storing the inventory. If the books don’t sell within the contract period, the author pays to have books shipped to them or destroyed. Publish Her works exclusively with on-demand printers, which means there’s no markup on the cost of book printing, no need for the author to purchase or warehouse book inventory, and no wasted resources.

Where will your book be distributed?

Book publishers are not book distributors, which means they don’t distribute books to bookstores. And most retailers have specific supply chains that prevent them from purchasing books directly from authors. Reputable publishers typically publish books via Ingram and Amazon, which are the largest book distributors in the world. Be sure to ask where your book will be distributed.

Are your publishing costs clear?

Many publishers require authors to purchase additional services beyond publishing, like packages for marketing and publicity. Publish Her provides authors with a publishing proposal that includes one clear price from the get-go—no required add-ons or hidden costs.

Is your publishing timeline clear?

With many publishers, it can take a year or more to publish your book. Publish Her has developed a successful and sustainable publishing process that takes weeks or months instead of years. You’ll know what’s happening when, and what to expect each step of the way.

Will you receive marketing support for your book?

Publish Her is backed by two engaged communities of women in business—My Founder Story, a storytelling platform, and ModernWell, a women-centered work and event space. All Publish Her authors are elevated by these communities and our publishing contracts include a book launch party to celebrate your achievement.

Are you interested in learning more about publishing your book with Publish Her? Complete the Author Questionnaire and upload your manuscript.

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