Women’s Writing Circles Provide Community, Inspiration and an Opportunity to Learn and Grow as a Writer

Writing is often a solitary process, but there are many benefits to connecting with other writers. Publish Her’s Women’s Writing Circles provide community, inspiration and an opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. Virtual weekly sessions are led by award-winning author and teacher Kate Hopper. Sessions include discussions focused on all things craft, writing and the writing life, a writing exercise inspired by a short in-class reading, plus time to write and share what emerged from the exercise. Experienced and first-time writers of any genre are welcome in this supportive community of women writers.

To learn more about Women’s Writing Circles, visit the Classes and Events page.

About Publish Her

Publish Her is a female-founded and focused publisher dedicated to elevating the words, writing and stories of women. We are passionate about amplifying the voices of women of color, women with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to make publishing an attainable, exciting and collaborative process for all. Publish Her specializes in print-on-demand books, workbooks, journals, magazines and more.

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