‘Her Path Forward: 21 Stories of Transformation and Inspiration’ by Various Authors (Hardcover)



Whether by chance or by choice or by sheer necessity, women go through the process of transformation many times throughout their personal and professional lives. Sometimes the transformation journey is tumultuous and painful. A woman may be cracked wide open and stretched in ways she never imagined. Other times, change happens slowly over time. One day she seems to emerge anew without fully grasping—at least in the moment—what it took to get there. “Her Path Forward” is an anthology that shares the various perspectives of 21 women navigating change and the path forward.

Julie Burton is an author, co-host of Her Next Chapter podcast, and founder of ModernWell, the first female-centered co-working and collaborative space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, dedicated to empowering women through connection, wellness and creative freedom. Julie is also a mom of four and believes that an important piece of living a purposeful and fulfilled life is allowing yourself the space and freedom to evolve and transform.

Chris Olsen is dedicated to amplifying women’s voices through her social enterprise, My Founder Story, a storytelling and publishing platform. A radio veteran turned communications consultant, educator and author, Chris is passionate about empowering female business founders in confidently communicating their purpose and impact, setting them up for entrepreneurial success. Since 2018, My Founder Story has donated more than $220,000 in grants and services to women.

A shared passion for elevating the words and writing of women brought Chris and Julie together for this anthology project.

This book includes the following essays from these authors:

Blue Dresses by Cynthia Lehew-Nehrbass
Breathe Through It by Anonymous
The Conversation by Junita Flowers
Courage, Growth and Transformation by Michelle Tran Maryns
Dancing With Words by Lisa Harris
Exorcism of the Exhausted Mother by Heidi Fettig Parton
Finding My Way Back by Jody Vallee Smith
Goodwill Hunting by Leslie Lagerstrom
Invisible Cape With No Superpowers by Kim Kane
Just Swinging by Julie Sonnek
Kintsugi by Heidi Schneider
A Manuscript for Reinvention by Nazly De La Rosa
A Monarch Emerges by Jen Gilhoi
Not Done With My Changes by Katie Noah Gibson
The Only Path Is Forward by Chris Olsen
Our Path Forward by Julie Burton
Quinceañera by Astrid Lorena Ochoa Campo
Rock Bottom Is Not the Final Destination by Chaz Sandifer
Stirred Not Shaken by Kathleen Foye MacLennan
Time for Me to Fly by Michael W. Kithcart
You’ll Know When You Need to Leave by Sister

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