Alysha Price Empowers Single Parents with Tools and Resources to Become Successful Co-Parents

By Chris Olsen

Alysha Price is the recipient of a micro grant from Publish Her Story, a program dedicated to providing resources to female-identifying founders. Since 2018, more than $250,000 in grants and services have been donated to women business owners.

Like many parents, Alysha Price was looking forward to parent-teacher conferences. She was proud of her son, Jasir, and couldn’t wait to hear about his latest academic achievements. Then, during the conference with his fifth-grade teacher, Alysha heard something she wasn’t expecting. An essay Jasir read in class revealed information the teacher hadn’t known—that his parents lived in separate households. The teacher complimented Alysha as well as Jasir’s father. Teachers are often the first to know when there’s a communication breakdown at home. Even families living under one roof struggle to communicate at times. That hadn’t been the case with Jasir’s parents. Their efforts to work as a team contributed to Jasir’s being well-adjusted and excelling in school.

As they left school after the conferences, Alysha was on top of the world. She high-fived Jasir’s dad. The teacher’s feedback validated that they were doing something right. Though they were no longer a couple, they shared a key philosophy about parenting him from the start—no matter what, they would put their son first. That meant attending his appointments and events together. It meant celebrating his milestones and addressing his missteps. Together.

Alysha attributed Jasir’s success to more than a shared commitment to co-parenting. She credited her own parents, who weren’t together when she was growing up, but made sure she was a priority. Her expertise was also informed by her VP position at a Minnesota-based nonprofit dedicated to ending generational poverty in the North Minneapolis community it serves. In her role leading programs and impact, Alysha realized the importance of addressing the family as a whole unit to ensure everyone thrives. She also identified a gap. While services tended to be reactive and designed to support children and mothers, programs that included fathers did not exist. She saw a need to help families rebuild their foundation. She envisioned helping parents recognize their birthright and become the role models their children deserved.

As Alysha began developing the idea for her business, she reflected on her own journey. Her son influenced her to be her best. She knew that living in two separate households could make his childhood challenging, but that she and Jasir’s father could work together to ensure it was stable. She wrote a book, “It’s Not Complicated: A Self-Help Guide for Mothers Navigating the Obstacles of Co-Parenting,” which transformed her business idea into a reality.

In 2019, Alysha launched The Price Dynamic, an organization that supports single parents in navigating the obstacles of co-parenting through coaching, education, innovative and relatable programming, as well as court-ordered services such as supervised visitation. She also launched its nonprofit sister organization, Dynamic Family Solutions, to support Black parents ages 16 to 25. Alysha’s goal across the board is to ensure that men and women build the knowledge and emotional capacity to parent as a team, even though they aren’t a married couple.

The impact of Alysha’s programs has been significant. Her coaching and education has been proven to increase job performance, work attendance and school attendance. Her programs have helped decrease the number of families using court to resolve their relationship obstacles. She has also demonstrated to parents that a failed relationship doesn’t guarantee failed parenting. Alysha has seen firsthand that sometimes mothers and fathers just need to be heard, validated and motivated. “I hope to help parents find their style of collaborating for the betterment of their children,” she said. “And I hope that more children see having two parents in their life as the norm.”

To learn more about Alysha’s business, visit and follow @thepricedynamic on Instagram.

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