Part 4: Marketing (4C-4E)

Your Book Marketing Toolbox

Publish Her develops several book marketing tools for authors, which are foundational for raising awareness for your title. These tools are used to promote your book on Publish Her’s platforms; authors are urged to use these tools in your marketing as well.

C. Mockup Graphic

Once your cover artwork is approved, our design team creates a mockup graphic, which is an image of your book placed in a scene (typically a desktop). A book mockup graphic provides a sneak peek of your finished product, and it’s an important tool for promoting your book before it is available to the public. Publish Her typically features your book mockup on our platforms during your official cover reveal and then again for your pre-order announcement.

D. Pre-Order Webpage

Publish Her features your title in our online bookstore to help build excitement for your book. The webpage can be linked directly to your author website, where you can take pre-orders. Or, if you do not have a merchant account that allows you to process web orders, Publish Her can accept pre-orders on your behalf. Publish Her collects money for the book, plus tax and shipping (if applicable). Once your pre-orders close, you receive an order statement with payment for books and shipping, minus credit card processing fees and tax. Authors are responsible for ordering bulk inventory and fulfilling pre-orders.

E. Publishing Announcements

Publish Her writes and distributes a news release for your book to more than 100 local and national media contacts. The release is distributed twice—initially to announce pre-orders, and then again to announce your book launch. All media inquiries that result from the new release are forwarded directly to the author.

*Some parts of the publishing process (design, editing and marketing) occur simultaneously