Marnie Dachis Marmet’s Memoir, ‘My Song, Unleashed,’ Reveals How Trusting Your Voice Leads to Finding What Makes Your Heart Sing

By Chris Olsen

As a child, Marnie Dachis Marmet’s unique voice earned her the nickname “The Rasp” from her dad. When other adults told her she’d never be a singer or that she talked too much, not only did Marnie start silencing herself, but she also began questioning her internal voice. She knew when she shared her truth—the way she’d done during a schoolwide presentation as a teen—it was life-changing. But more often, like many young women trying to make their way in the world, she muted and molded herself to accommodate others. It wasn’t until she traveled abroad and created a life far from home that she started finding her way back to her inner voice. And as she continued to explore the globe and connect with nature and with others, she discovered her inner voice was amplified.

In her memoir, “My Song, Unleashed,” Marnie Dachis Marmet takes readers through her journey of personal transformation. From the painful experiences that make her question everything to the beautiful revelations that bare the truth, Marnie ultimately shares what every woman needs to know: When you pay attention to and trust your voice, it leads you to what you truly want and value and, ultimately, what makes your heart sing.

Marnie is an author, serial entrepreneur, board-certified health coach and the founder of Zenful Life Coaching, a practice dedicated to helping women and teens create a healthier and happier life. She supports clients in implementing personalized nutrition and wellness plans and making gradual, sustainable lifestyle changes. Her areas of expertise include longevity, mind-body-spirit holistic health, gut health, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. As co-creator and co-host of “The Art of Living Well Podcast,” Marnie empowers listeners to challenge the status quo, and she provides information and inspiration for living their healthiest and most authentic life. She has also owned and operated ChillyBean Promotions, a promotional products company, for more than 20 years.

Marnie lives in Minnesota, where she enjoys an active lifestyle, traveling, photography, reading and spending time with family, friends and her labradoodle, Lila.

To learn more about Marnie’s business, visit and, and follow @zenfullifecoaching and @theartofliving_well on Instagram.

Her book is available at Publish Her, and Amazon.

Photo credit: Belén Fleming/Belu Photography

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