Part 1: Pre-Publishing (1A-1B)

Welcome to Publish Her! We Are Assembling Your Publishing Team.

Your publishing team will include experts in book marketing, design and editing. Rather than working with several different people, you will be paired with a publishing manager who will be your main point of contact and guide.

Until your kickoff meeting (where you will meet your publishing manager and learn more about the publishing process), Chris Olsen will be your main contact. You can reach her at

The exact schedule for each book project is unique; however, each follows the same general process. While some parts occur simultaneously or overlap, the process always includes the following:

  1. Pre-publishing
  2. Design
  3. Editing
  4. Marketing
  5. Publishing

You are currently in the first two steps of the pre-publishing stage. Before we schedule your official kickoff meeting, the following items must be completed:

A. Publishing Agreement and Payment

You have signed your book publishing agreement. Though you will be assigned a publishing manager, Chris will remain your contact for anything related to your publishing agreement and will answer all questions directly.

Thank you for submitting your first payment. Payments are generally made in two installments, as detailed in your agreement: 50 percent upon signing and 50 percent upon book files being uploaded to book distribution platforms. Before your next payment is due, you will receive an invoice.

B. Book Content

Your publishing schedule cannot be finalized until all your book content is received by Publish Her. While you previously submitted a portion or all of your manuscript, your most recent manuscript must be submitted in its entirety to Chris before your project kicks off.

Please be sure your manuscript includes all front matter such as your dedication, table of contents (optional) and prologue/foreword (optional), as well as all back matter, such as your acknowledgments, endnotes/sources (optional), epilogue/afterword (optional) and 200-word author bio.

Please follow these guidelines when formatting and submitting your book content:

  • Your manuscript must be saved as a Microsoft Word document, formatted in 12-point font size with 1.5 line spacing. Please use a universal font such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • If your manuscript includes images, please remove all images and replace each with placeholder text that reads IMAGE_1, IMAGE_2, IMAGE_3, etc. Be sure to include placeholder text for your author image on your author bio page.
  • Images must be sent separately from your manuscript and saved/labeled to match the placeholder text. Files must be high resolution (300 dpi) Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG or JPG) files. Be sure to send your author image.
  • If your book contains multiple images throughout (more than five total), you will be provided with a link to a Dropbox folder for uploading your images. Let Chris know when your images are ready and she will send the link.

Once you have submitted your files, you may not submit additional content unless it is deemed necessary by Publish Her during the developmental editing stage of your project.

Of course, if you have any questions about the pre-publishing stage, you may contact Chris at

Publish Her looks forward to beginning this journey with you! We are honored to help bring your beautiful book to life!