Publish Her Book Design Questionnaire

More than a million new book titles are released each year. That means it’s not enough to write a great book—your cover design has a big job to do as well. Award-winning book covers not only stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract the attention of your ideal readers, but they also provide insight about what the reader can expect once they dig into your book.

The front cover generally includes the author name, book title, subtitle (if you have one) and imagery that relays the spirit of the book (a photograph, illustration, etc.). The back cover typically features the book blurb (a brief description of the book), author information, the publisher’s imprint and a barcode with your publishing identifier. Covers may also include a positive book review or quote from a well-known reviewer. Books that win awards often get a refreshed cover design that includes a badge and details about the prize.

The goal of this questionnaire is to help Publish Her’s team develop a book design that feels good to you and meets publishing industry standards.

Helpful hint: Your work will not be saved if you close this web page without completing the questionnaire. If you are unable to complete this questionnaire without interruption, consider printing the questions, preparing your answers offline, and returning to this form when you are able to work through it in its entirety.



    Share at least five and up to 10 book covers you like in your genre. Copy and paste links to the titles on Amazon (or another bookseller) in the fields below.