We Sparkle’s ‘Sparkle Assistant’ Uses Technology to Save Small Business Owners Time and Money

By Chris Olsen

Raise your hand if you’re a small business owner who, in addition to designing, developing and delivering your company’s products or services, also handles customer experience, marketing, information technology, accounting, business development and more. Keep your hand raised if you’re a team of one. You’re not alone. According to the latest Census information, nearly 80 percent of businesses in the United States have no employees.

While the ability to wear many hats is essential for small business owners, a lack of support can also be a barrier to success. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who receive fewer resources to begin with, such as women and women of color. It is precisely these groups that Michelle Maryns—a female founder of color herself—is passionate about serving. Her public benefit corporation, We Sparkle, is on a mission to help small businesses leverage technology to reach their full potential. The newly launched Sparkle Assistant uses artificial intelligence to automate tedious administrative work to save business owners valuable time and money.

The customizable Sparkle Assistant communicates with contacts, clients and customers via text and can seamlessly answer frequently asked questions, upsell products and services, schedule meetings, appointments, deliveries and more. It frees up valuable resources and allows business owners to focus on working on their business instead of in their business—which is a key to growth.

Since its launch, customers have provided rave reviews for Sparkle Assistant. Users have reported that it saves them between one and five hours of time a week and that it’s “slick, easy to use, and a lifesaver!” We Sparkle continues to roll out new features based on customer feedback.

Making Sparkle Assistant affordable is important to Michelle who is dedicated to building a strong and inclusive economy by connecting diverse entrepreneurs with critical business tools. Sparkle Assistant is $29/month for the monthly plan or $25/month when you sign up for the annual plan. If cost is a barrier, Michelle wants to hear from you. The company is also offering opportunities to utilize Sparkle Assistant in exchange for feedback and a testimonial.

To purchase the app, visit WeSparkle.ai.

To learn more about Michelle’s business, visit WeSparkle.org.

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